Wolf Gourmet 5.5” (14cm) Utility Knife

Wolf Gourmet cutlery merges the precision of Japanese style blades with the durability of German forging to inspire confidence in the kitchen.

A workhorse in the kitchen, the Wolf Gourmet utility knife is a lighter, all-purpose knife with many uses. It’s your go-to knife for jobs too small for the chef’s knife and too big for the paring knife.

The Wolf Gourmet 5.5” (14cm) Utility Knife Features:

  •  Forged high-carbon stainless steel
  •  Tempered to optimal Rockwell C hardness of 61
  •  Sharpened to 12.5° per side
  •  Razor-sharp cutting edge
  •  Comfortable Pekkawood handles
  •  For right or left-handed use
  •  Full tang
  •  Rounded spine and bolster
  •  Made in Germany
  •  Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

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